Background information Impresariaat Kunsten • Impresariaat Kunsten

Background information Impresariaat Kunsten

Impresariaat Kunsten is a separate foundation within Fontys University for the Arts(FHK). The foundation has no profit goal, but has been instructed by FHK to cover its costs. In practice this means that the customers’ price is made up of a fee for the artist, organizational costs for the foundation and a contribution for talent development.

The foundation consists of two outsourced employees of FHK and has a three-member board consisting of: Karen Neervoort(Chairman) Hans Krosse( CFO), Jur van der Lecq(Board member).

Impresariaat Kunsten wants to build a bridge to the working field with which the (former) students can further develop their cultural entrepreneurship during their studies. In this way Impresariaat Kunsten invests together with FHK and its clients in the talent development of both students and alumni of FHK.

The students and alumni can come to Impresariaat Kunsten for:

Gaining stage and presentation experience through a paid assignment.
Profiling in the professional field
Building a network
Financial advice

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